Fernando Resende

Fernando Resende

Assistant Professor
Thermochemical conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into fuels and chemicals

Office: Bloedel 290
Phone: 206-221-1580 
Email: fresende@uw.edu


B.S., Chemical Engineering, State University of Campinas, Brazil, 2000
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, State University of Campinas, Brazil, 2003
M.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan, 2008
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan, 2009

My research focuses on the production of drop-in fuels and high-value chemicals from lignocellulosic biomass. Our group works with thermochemical processes such as catalytic fast pyrolysis, hydropyrolysis, hydrothermal liquefaction, reactions in supercritical fluids, and the thermo-catalytic conversion of oxygenated molecules into gasoline and jet-fuels. We are particularly interested in the reaction kinetics and catalysis of these processes.
Courses Taught:Quarter offered:
BSE 391 Engineering Principles of Biorefineries (5)Autumn
BSE 392 Bioresource Transport Phenomena (5)Winter
BSE 420 Bioresource Engineering I (4)Winter
BSE 421 Bioresource Engineering II (4)Spring
Current Sponsored Research:
Combining Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis and Hydropyrolysis for the Conversion of Lignin into Drop-in Fuels and High-Value Chemicals
Conversion of Beetle-killed Lodgepole pine into Bio-oil via ablative Pyrolysis
Recent Publications:
Zhang, Min, Resende, Fernando, L.P., Alex Moutsoglou; Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis of aspen lignin via Py-GC/MS, Fuel (2014), v. 116, 15, 358-369.
Fernando L.P. Resende. 2013. Products from Fast Pyrolysis of beetle-killed trees. PyNE (33): 7-8
Resende, Fernando. Products from fast pyrolysis of beetle-killed trees. Pyne Issue 33, IEA Bioenergy, Task 34 – Pyrolysis,(2013), 7-8.
Zhang, Min, Resende, Fernando, L.P, Moutsouglou, Alex, Raynie, Douglas E. Pyrolysis of Lignin Extracted from Praire Cord Grass, Aspen, and Kraft Lignin by Py/GC-MS and TGA-FTIR, Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis (2012) v. 98, 65-71.