Integrating carbon and other ecosystem services into a framework for forest management

Research Sponsored By: US Forest Service
Principal Investigator: Sándor F. Tóth
Project Description
Project goal is development of a research proposal that will allow the Deschutes National Forest to analyze the tradeoffs behind different forest ecosystem services at project sites yet to be identified. The scoping proposal will determine a range of potential ecosystem services and their potential to be optimally provided, setting the stage for a larger project. Specific project goals include 1) identifying a range of potential sites, 2) determining the spatial and temporal scale associated with native forest types and unique pilot sites, 3) identifying key ecosystem services that are most important for each set of sites, 4) conducting a literature review of key ecosystem services identified, 5) developing a sampling scheme and rationale for a ground-based and modeled estimate of C for the Deschutes National Forest, and 6) drafting an initial model for optimization based on potential combinations of ecosystem services. Project will also provide a literature review of ecosystem services associated with vegetation types and unique habitats in the Deschutes National Forest and a proposal to evaluate optimal provision of those ecosystems in the future.