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Faculty Meetings

On January 1, 2004, the College reorganized into one faculty unit, disbanding the former
Ecosystem Sciences and Management and Engineering Divisions.
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Standing Committees

Council of Center Directors

College Planning Committee (archived minutes)
Minutes 2001| 2002

Faculty Retreats

Reports: 2004
College Health and Safety Committee (disbanded 12/31/09)
(archived minutes)
Minutes 1998 | 1999 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003
College Library Committee (archived minutes) [disbanded 2004]
Minutes 1998-2002
Computer and Technology Committee [disbanded 2/02/04]
Minutes 2002

Ad hocl Computing and IT Services Strategic Planning Committee [disbanded 9/09; reformed as IT Advisory Committee (standing committee)

Deans Council [disbanded 7/1/09]
Minutes 2003 2004

Educational Outreach Steering Committee (disbanded 12/7/09)
Elected Faculty Council (disbanded 7/1/09)


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1/12/04 3/08/04 3/10/05  
1/26/04 10/05/04 4/7/05


Lands Committee (disbanded 12/7/09)

Certification ppts #! and #2
Report, 10-27-06
Minutes 2003

New Initiatives Team (NIT) (disbanded 2007)
Minutes 2003
Ombudsman Committee [disbanded 2/02/04]
Outreach Committee

Minutes 1998

Resources Committee (space, computing, and budget) [disbanded 7/2009]


Space Committee [disbanded 2/02/04]
Workplace Quality Committee [disbanded 2/02/04]
Minutes 1998-1999| 2001| 2002
Center for Urban Horticulture Management Committee
Minutes 1999-2000
Committee on Strategic Planning [disbanded 2001; reformed as College Planning Committee]
Operations Committee [disbanded 2000]
External Initiatives Incubator Team [disbanded 2000]

Ad hoc Committees

Web Advisory Committee (disbanded 12/7/09)
Centennial Planning Committee (disbanded 12/31/07)
SAF Accreditation Review Committee Disbanded 2006
Directions Steering Committee Disbanded 2005
Final Report
ESRM Undergraduate Recruitment Committee Disbanded 2005
Final Report
Library Space Committee Disbanded 2004
Final Report
Joint Library Merger Review Committee Disbanded 2004
Final Report
Large Class Committee Disbanded February 2, 2004

Rob Harrison/Bob Edmonds (co-chairs), Toby Bradshaw, Dorothy Paun, Chuck Henry, David Ford, Graham Allan, Jay Johnson, Dave Manuwal, Dan Vogt, Rick Gustafson, Linda Chalker-Scott, Michelle Trudeau.

Program Management Task Force Final Report May 8, 1998

Student Team Disbanded February 2, 2004
Edie Sonne (chair), Jacqueline Klug, Sean Smukler, Beth Dolan, Jay Singh
Urban Forestry Committee Disbanded February 2, 2004
Gordon Bradley (chair), Bob Edmonds, Tom Hinckley, Al Wagar, Kathy Wolf, John Wott, Kevin LeClair (DNR)
Curriculum Implementation Working Group Disbanded March 2003
Faculty: Brubaker (Chair), Ryan, Reichard, Briggs, Agee, Fridley. Staff: Trudeau and Paul.
Students: Josh Taylor, Others (TBA)
Minutes 2002
Final Report
Undergraduate Curriculum Transformation Committee Disbanded May 25, 2002
Faculty: Marzluff (Chair), Agee, Bolton, Brubaker, Gara, Hinckley, Ryan and Briggs.
Staff: Paul and Trudeau.
Students: Jon Honea, Grad Student
Minutes: Fall/Winter 2001-2002 | Spring 2002
Final Report
Operational Review Team Disbanded July 12, 2001
Kendall Carson, Lynn Catlett, Ann Corboy, Kelly Duffield, Marc Morrison, Megan O’Shea, Fran Trinder, Michelle Trudeau, with Renee Hansen (Human Resources- facilitator)
Synthesis Team Disbanded July 12, 2001
Bob Edmonds/Gerard Schreuder (co-chairs), Bruce Bare, David Briggs, Linda Chalker-Scott, Erica Cline, Ivan Eastin, David Ford, Kevin Hodgson, Bruce Larson, Sally Morgan, Colleen Ponto, Michelle Trudeau, Darlene Zabowski.
Final report
Arboretum/CUH/CFR Interface Committee Disbanded July 12, 2001
Loveday Conquest/Bob Edmonds (co-chairs), Dan Vogt, C. Crandell, Rick Gustafson, Chavonda Jacobs-Young, Christina Pfeiffer.
Curriculum Team Disbanded July 12, 2001
Bob Edmonds (chair), Bruce Bare, Linda Chalker-Scott, Charles Henry, Kevin Hodgson, Linda Kaye, David Manuwal, Peter Schiess, Clare Ryan, Michelle Trudeau, Kevin Zobrist, Debra Friedman (advisory).
Initiative HUB Committee Disbanded July 12, 2001
Bob Gara (chair), Bruce Bare, Susan Bolton, Dave Briggs, David Ford, Jerry Franklin, Tom Hinckley, Kevin Hodgson, Jay Johnson, Dorothy Paun.
Futures Committee on Undergraduate Curricula Disbanded January 20, 2000
Final Report