Poster Printing

SEFS has in-house poster printing services available for your use. Please read through this information carefully as it contains important details, and be aware that there is a minimum two work day lead time requirement on all poster requests. Work days are Monday through Friday, not including University holidays.

  • If you are paying by a grant budget, please consult with your PI or grant administrator to ensure that your poster meets any logo/acknowledgement requirements.
  • We charge for cost of consumables only. The online submission form will calculate your poster cost based on paper type and size. Payments accepted are cash (check or exact change only) and University budgets. Please note we do not offer trimming or mounting services.
  • Software titles recommended and supported for creating your poster are Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe InDesign. PowerPoint is available on Gibson, SEFS' virtual desktop system. InDesign is best from a design standpoint but PowerPoint is easier to use if you haven't created a poster before. If you wish to use a different program please contact in advance for special instructions.
  • Our printer is roll-fed and as such has a maximum dimension of 44" in one direction. This can be either your maximum poster height or width. Posters of smaller dimensions will have a thin black line automatically printed to outline your requested final dimension and assist you in trimming to size.
  • When creating your poster, you *MUST* specify the final dimensions correctly. If the submitted file's dimensions do not match your request the job will be rejected. In Powerpoint open a blank file then under the design tab set the slide size to your final dimensions.

Special notes for Windows users

  • When using powerpoint:
    • Do not attempt to convert to PDF or image, simply submit the original Powerpoint file.
    • Avoid custom fonts. If we don't have them another font will be substituted and your formatting may change unexpectedly.
    • Avoid using transparency or gradients on any objects. Powerpoint under Windows does not handle this correctly and the result when printed is unpredictable and sometimes very ugly.

Special note for Macintosh users

The following does not apply if you're using software on Gibson via a mac. Follow the Windows users notes above instead.

  • When using Powerpoint do a save as and pick PDF, then submit the PDF file.

To submit your file for printing